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Screening mobile crushing station

Product description

Mobile crusher (also known as mobile crushing station) successfully completed the development of China's mobile crushing industry, a blank, I plant the production of mobile crushing station is in conjunction with similar domestic mobile crusher equipment on the basis of adding my company advanced The design of a new, efficient, energy-saving mobile crusher station, which has a number of technology to obtain national patents, equipment exports to Russia, Kazakhstan, outside Mongolia, Azerbaijan, North Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Turkey, Iran, Canada and other countries and regions.
Highlight the advantages
Mobile crushing station can be directly selected venues, directly to the scene, without transport, directly to the finished product size. Especially for small crushing sites, suitable for construction waste disposal, construction waste broken. Mobile crushing stations also significantly reduce investment costs, but increased investment income. I produced the mobile crushing station is divided into, tire mobile crushing station, tire crushing station is mainly used for small and medium-sized ore stone field crushing, crawler crushing stations are generally used in large crushing production line. General tire-type mobile crushing station with low investment costs, equipment performance, energy efficient advantages, more widely used. Tire mobile crushing station is a lot of ore, stone field first equipment. I plant the production of mobile crusher sub-crushed mobile crushing station and crushing mobile crushing station, in the crushing mobile crushing station and sieving mobile crushing station of the three series, the user in the selection of the main time according to the customer's local stone raw materials The type of material and the requirements of the finished product and the specific circumstances of the equipment into the selection of equipment configuration, so that the broken material in the mobile crushing and screening function, can also be configured according to the needs of users, according to different broken process requirements Composition of different crushing and screening process, crushing and screening can also be used alone.
Mobile crusher (mobile crusher) using car chassis, in the design of the time, the body chassis width is less than the operation of semi-trailer, in the turn when the radius is small, very easy to travel on the road, more suitable for harsh stone field and Mine construction, more conducive to foreign public (iron) road and mining, stone crushing and other construction projects in the coarse broken mobile crusher, the equipment configuration mainly jaw crusher, high crushing efficiency, versatility, Excellent broken product quality, with a lightweight and reasonable structural design, excellent crushing performance. Coarse crushing mobile crushing station can be the first broken crushed stone, greatly reducing the stone broken intermediate links, and can achieve the work at any time to easily adjust the purpose of the station, greatly ensuring the equipment for the material and the material Are able to be in the best economic location of the venue, reducing the input of equipment, effectively reducing the cost of equipment.
Working principle
The material is fed to the crusher evenly through the feeder, the jaw crusher for the initial crushing, through the circular vibrating screen to form a closed circuit system to achieve the material cycle of broken, finished material from the conveyor output, continuous crushing operations. Tire jaw broken mobile crushing station can be based on the actual production needs to remove the circular vibrating screen, to achieve the initial material directly broken, and other crushing equipment supporting the use of convenient and flexible operation.
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