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Counterattack mobile crushing station

Product description

Break the mobile crushing station, configure the high performance impact crusher, high crushing efficiency, versatility, excellent broken product quality, with a light and reasonable structural design, excellent crushing performance. Reliable and stable quality assurance, the largest range to meet the rough, medium and fine material crushing and screening requirements for the majority of Chinese and foreign new and old customers set a good quality reputation, not only mature technology, easy operation and maintenance, and the amount of traffic, materials Particle size and abrasion are good adaptability and safety and reliability, integrated unit configuration installation and maintenance of reasonable and reasonable. So that the configuration of the unit has a high durability and higher working time.
Counterattack mobile crushing station features:
Large processing capacity, in the broken, efficient, economical, adaptable, broken sieve treatment, self-contained conveyor.
1. Flexible equipment configuration, single unit can be independent production, but also with the jaw mobile crushing station equipment joint operations. In addition to the diesel generator installed in the mobile crushing station, in addition to the power supply to the unit, it can also be targeted to the process system configuration unit combined power supply, greatly improving the adaptability of the equipment.
 2. In the broken crusher unit car chassis is higher, the body width is less than the operation of semi-trailer, turning radius is small, easy to rupture field rugged road environment in the road, more conducive to stationed in the construction area.
 3. Configuration of the counter-break can not only a certain line of materials on-site broken, direct output of the ideal size of the gravel material finished, the scope of work expanded while also reducing the transfer of materials, transportation costs. In addition, the middle crusher mobile crusher lengthening the unit can also directly into the broken material into the forklift truck, convenient and timely transport.
 4. Impact crusher crushing principle of the output of the finished product particle size is better, can significantly improve the overall efficiency of the counterattack mobile crushing station.
 5. In the field construction to save time and space, improve the flexibility, while eliminating the need for a large number of site infrastructure, greatly reducing the size of the equipment, Investment costs, easy operation and maintenance. Unit configuration equipment division of a clear, concise and clear, easy to maintain. Working principle The crushing material is crushed by the counter-crusher directly to the fine-grained, and the closed-circuit screening system composed of vibrating screen directly produces the ideal finished sandstone material. The conveyor is output to the designated location.
The mobile crushing station unit can also be combined with coarse crushing station or other coarse crushing equipment (jaw crusher, etc.) for secondary crushing according to the specific needs, the material processing in a timely manner.
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