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400×1080 Mobile Impact Crushing Plant

Product description

Tire-type crushing-type crushing station (mobile crushing station) Car height, low turning radius, easy for ordinary road driving, more convenient in the crushing area rugged road environment: for the fast stationed in the site to save time. More conducive to stationed in the construction of a reasonable area, eliminating the crushing of the cumbersome steel frame structure, foundation construction, saving a lot of time. Can be for the customer in the process of the type of material, product requirements, to provide a more flexible process configuration, to meet the user mobile crushing, mobile screening and other requirements, so that the formation of the organization, the logistics more direct and effective, the cost to maximize the reduction The
Working principle
    The material is pre-selected by the feeder, made by the impact crusher to produce sand, through the shaker to form a closed-circuit system to achieve the material cycle of broken, can effectively reduce the sand processing, finished materials from the conveyor output, continuous crushing operations The
Impact of mobile crushing station advantage
1, the use of integrated units, a reasonable and compact space layout, to maximize the optimization of the site space, eliminating the complex components of the complex infrastructure and installation operations, reducing the material, working hours consumption, expanding the material stacking, transport space.
2, car traction, in the field of real-time operations, eliminating the material from the scene and then broken parts, greatly reducing the cost of transport materials. And because the car chassis high, turning radius is small, in the ordinary road and rugged mountain road are free to run, can quickly stationed in the scene.
3, the characteristics of the combination of unit configuration, both single sets of independent operations, but also flexible configuration joint operations to meet customer mobile crushing, mobile screening and other requirements, to maximize the cost reduction.
 4, the whole set of equipment are equipped with our company multi-functional, high-quality high-quality crushing equipment, with a lightweight and reasonable structural design, excellent crushing performance, and reliable and stable product quality, the greatest degree of satisfaction to meet the requirements of rough.

Technical Parameter

Transport dimensions
Length (mm) 10800 12200 12500
Width (mm) 2480 2743 2900
Height (mm) 4170 4200 4200
Weight (kg) 28800 31500 39600
Axle weight (kg) 15900 17200 22100
King pin weight (kg) 11300 14300 17500
Impact crusher
Model PF1010 PF1210 PF1214
Feed opening (mm) 400×1080 400×1080 400×1430
Model 4YK1235 4YK1545 4YK1548

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