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European version of jaw crusher

Product description

European version of the jaw crusher, also known as European version of jaw broken, broken in the mine material used in a broken or two broken. European version of the jaw crusher is for highways, railways, airport runways and other engineering construction stone broken by the development of advanced equipment. European version of the jaw crusher using the most advanced crushing technology and manufacturing level, is more hard, strong abrasive materials for the break when the preferred high-performance products. European jaw crusher Compared to the traditional jaw crusher, both the service life, maintenance rate, failure rate are reflected in its unparalleled superiority.
Highlight the advantages
1, a solid structure --- rack is divided into welding and assembly of two kinds: small and medium size general use of welding, large specifications generally use assembly. Welding with large curvature of the transition fillet, low stress area welding method, greatly reducing the stress concentration of excessive problems, to ensure the strength of the rack in the direction of equal, with impact resistance, uniform force, low failure rate and so on. The assembly is made of advanced modular, non-welded frame structure design, fatigue strength, high reliability, while the whole assembly design, transportation, installation more convenient, especially for underground mines, high altitude mines and other small, transport difficult places installation.
2, superior cavity design --- symmetrical "V" shaped cavity design, elbow large angle, large stroke, reasonable speed, so that the feed particle size is greater, higher yield, more uniform particle size, jaw plate wear and tear reduced.
3, heavy moving jaw assembly durable heavy moving jaw assembly using forging heavy eccentric shaft, high-quality heavy-duty rolling bearings, finite element software optimized moving jaw body, to ensure that the moving jaw assembly impact resistance and high stability; Labyrinth seal, centralized lubrication system to ensure that the bearing grease is not contaminated, more convenient lubrication, to run longer and more stable.
4, moving jaw pallet design --- moving jaw above the installation of heavy guards, to avoid the impact of strong material, effective protection of moving jaw body and its internal bearing from damage.
5, the overall bearing block --- the overall cast steel bearing structure to ensure complete cooperation with the rack to avoid the combination of bearing in the fastening process of the bearing caused by unnecessary radial load, the bearing run more smoothly.
6, convenient and quick particle size adjustment --- JC series jaw crusher with mechanical or hydraulic discharge port adjustment device, the double wedge adjustment method corresponding to the gasket adjustment operation is more simple, safe, fast, saving downtime.
7, integrated motor installation --- motor base and crusher rack integrated installation, not only saves the jaw crusher installation space, reducing the length of the V-belt, and because the rack, motor base, motor synchronization Movement, adjustable motor seat to achieve the adjustment of the triangular belt tension, so that the life of the V-belt longer.
8, shock-proof installation design --- Crusher with a special rubber shock absorber fixed, effectively absorb the vibration peak of the equipment, while allowing the vertical and vertical direction of the crusher displacement, thereby reducing the impact on the foundation.
The working principle is
The motor drives the belts and the pulleys, which are moved up and down by the eccentric shaft, and the material is crushed or crushed when the E-movement is moved. When the E and the moving plate in the eccentric shaft, the role of the spring back, the previously crushed or broken material from the bottom of the discharge of the E plate discharge. With the continuous rotation of the motor and crushing action for the periodic crushing and excretion of materials, to achieve mass production.
Technical Parameter:
Model Feeder Opening Size (mm) Feeding Size(mm) Discharging Opening Size (mm) Eccentric Shaft Speed (r/min) Capacity(t/h) Motor  Type Power(kw) Motor Speed(r/min) Overall Dimension L×W×H (mm)
JCE403 250×400 ≤220 30-80 290 10-15 Y160L-4 15 1460 1104×11901283
JCE604 400×600 ≤350 35-85 250 15-70 Y225M-6 37 980 1920×1460×1840
JCE1003 250×1000 ≤220 20-40 330 15-50 Y225M-6 30 980 1400×1850×1310
JCE1302 180×1300 ≤150 10-30 320 12-35 Y225M-6 30 980 1320×2150×1175
JCE1303 250×1300 ≤220 70-100 290 26-85 Y280S-6 45 980 1450×2150×1175

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