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GTS-3 Roller sieve price factory

Product description

Roller sieve is widely used in various types of material screening, whether it is low quality coal, slime, or bituminous coal and other materials, can be successfully sieved, refractory, coal, river grading, gravel block grading often used device of. Widely used in chemical, food, mining, feed, paper, sugar and other fine powder raw materials, strong screening, grading operations are particularly suitable for heavy soda ash, light soda ash, quartz sand, plastic powder, carbon black, activated carbon, , All kinds of sugar powder, metallurgical powder.
Drums for the size of stone grading and separation of soil and stone powder; sand for the separation of sand and gravel; coal industry for lump coal and coal separation and coal washing (coal washing machinery components; chemical Industry, beneficiation industry for the size of the classification of lumps and separation of powder material.
Highlight the advantages
Roller sieve mainly by the drum device, reducer, motor, sieve cleaning device, the bottom bracket, sealing cover, outlet, feed and other components. The cylinder was tilted, the cylinder was covered with dust-proof cover, the production process almost dust and noise pollution. Roller sieve mainly for the size of the material particle classification, widely used in electricity, mining, metallurgy, building materials, chemical and other production industries. Commonly used in refractory materials, coal, sand drum sieve with low power, low energy consumption, the barrel has a self-cleaning device, the sieve is not easy to be blocked; take up small space, lower investment costs; smooth and reliable operation; high screening efficiency; Large; process layout is simple, easy installation, easy maintenance, easy operation and so on. At the same time the ability to adapt to the material strong, sticky, humidity, dirty, miscellaneous and other properties of the material can be sifted, the feeding method of diversification, that is, artificial and mechanical transmission, mass production, Shaped flat steel ring design, good wear resistance, long life, simple structure, easy maintenance. Field gravel classification, as well as coal, coke, lime, sand gold and other viscous wet material screening, the product structure more uniform to meet the production needs.
Working principle
The drum unit is mounted on the rack. The motor is connected by means of a coupling by means of a speed reducer and a drum unit, and the drive roller means is rotated about its axis. When the material into the drum device, due to the drum device tilt and rotation, so that the screen surface of the material flip and rolling, so that qualified materials (screen products) by the bottom of the drum at the bottom of the discharge port, unqualified materials Product) is discharged from the discharge port at the rear of the drum. As the material in the drum in the flip, rolling, so that the material in the sieve hole can be ejected to prevent the sieve blockage.
Annual output(Ten thousand tons)
Hourly throughput(T / h)
Outer screen diameter( mm ) Length( m ) Power( KW )
GTS-3 3 10.4 Φ1200 3.5 4
GTS-5 5 13.8 Φ1200 4 5.5
GTS-10 10 27.8 Φ1400 5 7.5
GTS-15 15 47.7 Φ1500 6 11

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