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Coarse sand shaker Shaker price factory

Product description

The caster is used for sorting fine grained material for gravity dressing equipment, widely used in sorting tin, tungsten, gold, silver, lead, zinc, tantalum, niobium, iron, manganese, titanium and coal. Red Star machine production shaker has a long history, and continue to develop innovation, from the initial straight bed bed shaker on the basis of the development of single-wave bed bed shaker (70s of last century), to double curved bed shaker Century 90 years), so that the shaker of the processing capacity, recovery and enrichment ratio has greatly improved.
Highlight the advantages
The shaker combines the domestic shaker and gravitational beneficiation technology, has the advantages of high enrichment ratio, good sorting efficiency, simple operation and so on, and once concluded the final concentrate and the final tailings. Compared with the traditional process with no mineral agent, low energy consumption, easy to manage, etc., with a high cost performance.
Working principle
The shaker is mainly composed of eight parts of the bed, the motor, the slope, the bed, the mine, the sink, the re-winding and the lubrication system. The reciprocating motion is achieved by means of a crank link type transmission mechanism. The motor through the belt drive to make the large pulley drive crankshaft rotation rocker with the above, under the movement, rocker down movement, the brackets to promote the rear axle and reciprocating lever to move back, the spring by the compression bed is through the linkage and reciprocating rod , So at this time also make the bed for back movement, when the rocker upward movement, due to the tension of the spring to promote the bed with the forward movement.
Name Unit Coarse sand shaker Fine sand shaker Mud shaker
Table size Length MM 4450 4450 4450
Drive width MM 1855 1855 1855
Concentrate wide MM 1546 1546 1546
Maximum particle size MM 2 0.5 0.15
To the amount of ore T/d 30-60 10-20 15-25
Ore concentration % 25-30 20-25 15-25
Travel MM 16-22 11-16 8-16
Frequency F 15-48 48-53 50-57
Countertop cleaning water T/d 80-150 30-60 10-17
Horizontal gradient degree 2.5-4.5 1.5-3.5 1-2
Vertical slope % 1.4 0.92 ----
Countertop corner degree 32-42 40 42
Processing area ---- 7.6 7.6 7.6
Table length ratio ---- 2.6 2.6 2.6
Motor Power KW 1.1 1.1 1.1
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